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Make Mogu Pretty again

Budapest-Bamako 2020 MOGU

Although it was love at first sight, we had to admit that Mogu was not exactly a beauty. The red had faded and the expression of Mogu was not exactly that of a noble sporty rally car. Actually, Mogu reminded more of a shopping car for an elderly lady. But we knew that was just Mogu's exterior - deep inside him his heart beats for adventure and freedom - , we knew,  he had been dreaming of this experience for years. We wanted other people to see the same in Mogu as we did. Especially for Koala it was important to give Mogu a new look and a new identity. After weeks of research and ups and downs, we discovered ü The artwork of the graffiti artists captivated us and when we received the acceptance from them, the excitement was great. Without knowing what will happen to Mogu, we had the color of the car registration card changed to colorful. The transformation of Mogu was impressive. From the scrap heap became a dazzling beauty.