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Sorry - no room for hitchhikers inside Mogu

Budapest-Bamako 2020 MOGU

Why we have chosen such a small car, we sometimes do not know ourselves. We hope we find during our trip a few reasons in retrospective. Although Panda learned once at university that you shouldn’t do that - post hoc reasoning. But who cares anyway.

Structured and tidy we have planned and arranged our luggage with the help of checklists.

In summary: 

  • 1 box of technical equipment
  • 1 box of camping
  • 1 box of food
  • 1 box of medicine
  • 1 box of documents
  • 1 box of cables
  • 2 improvised sand ladders
  • 2 chairs
  • 2 personal luggages
  • etc.

Yes, and then additionally 4 spare wheels! Right, 4! From Panda's point of view, everything in the car can break - yes, the wheels too, but there are windows, engine, exhaust, doors, etc. We don't have spare parts for all that. But for unknown reasons only the wheels count for Koala! Beside the spare wheels we even have a tire patch set! Well, not today but sometime, psychologist Panda has to get to the bottom of this wheel phobia of Koala. Maybe somewhere in the Sahara.