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Budapest-Bamako 2020

  • France
  • Spain
  • Gibraltar
  • Morocco
  • Western Sahara
  • Mauritania
  • Senegal
  • Guinea
  • Sierra Leone

Sorry - no room for hitchhikers inside Mogu

Why we have chosen such a small car, we sometimes do not know ourselves. We hope we find during our trip a few reasons in retrospective. Although Panda learned once at university that you shouldn’t do that - post hoc reasoning. But who cares anyway.

Structured and tidy we have planned and arranged our luggage with the help of checklists.

In summary: 

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Make Mogu Pretty again

Although it was love at first sight, we had to admit that Mogu was not exactly a beauty. The red had faded and the expression of Mogu was not exactly that of a noble sporty rally car. Actually, Mogu reminded more of a shopping car for an elderly lady. But we knew that was just Mogu's exterior - deep inside him his heart beats for adventure and freedom - , we knew,  he had been dreaming of this experience for years. We wanted other people to see the same in Mogu as we did. Especially for Koala it was important to give Mogu a new look and a new identity. Read more

Mogu’s birth disorder - underdeveloped wheels

Mogu is generally not a giant. He has barely mastered the border to dwarfism. Unfortunately his small wheels have not developed since birth. Koala and Panda are worried that Mogu cannot master the potholes and sandstorms in Africa. Therefore we now have 4 spare tyres in our luggage - and a small confident Mogu.

We are curious what our first breakdowns will be - and whether 4 spare wheels will be enough. Where there is a will there is a way. And if Mogu wants to drive the rally, we believe he can.

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Mogu finally gets his name

In the meantime, fall was coming, it was already November, and we knew that there was still a little time before the rally. So we gave Mogu a nice sleeping place in our garage. When we woke him up from hibernation after Christmas, the shock was big. Mogu's inside was covered with mold.

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We have adopted Mogu!

Panda's younger brother, Panda, and Koala got together on Saturday. 12. October 2019 on the way to a car dealer in Regensdorf. The number of cars was simply overwhelming and we did not know where to start.

Slowly we strolled along the alleys and looked at one or the other car more or less listless. And then suddenly, Koala & Panda's brother discovered the little red car in the middle of all the other cars.

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Panda said yes!

What would you say if Koala asked you "do you want to drive with me from Central Europe to West Africa"?

Not everybody would respond so positively but Panda was delighted. It was a pleasantly cool day in late summer when Koala proposed to Panda. Together, they have already driven through countless countries and explored unchartered territories. In cars, they have crossed oceans, surpassed mountains, and wild rivers (well, nearly). But that proposal was different, further, wilder, well, this about right.

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